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Want a Website That Drives Growth?

A website will fail when it either doesn’t convey compelling value, the navigation is not clear, or if there is no clear call to action. If you want to drive growth, you need to ensure these three key areas are working together.

If you think that a website is a nice-to-have tool or simply a shopfront, then here’s a compelling argument for putting some extra effort into it; a website is one of the most cost effective communications tools that can provide a substantial return. The days of ‘build it and they will come’ are over. 

People have very short attention spans on the web;

If the information they want is hard to find, if they can’t complete the task they went to your site for, or if they’re considering buying your products or services and there’s no compelling argument to choose you, then they’ll leave your website within a few seconds.

We can help you with;

  • Design & strategy that will assist with your sales process and drive growth
  • Systems design & customised solutions that build value and assist your clients

Request a proposal or call Hamish directly
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Design & Strategy

More important than technical capability, it’s our approach to website development that has earned us our client’s trust.  We approach website design and development from a non-technical perspective. Our first concern when building a website is to identify how it will help to sell your product or service. This means looking at the website as a tool rather than just a shop front or billboard. Whether we code a website using PHP or dynamic HTML is of the least concern.  Looking at how you can shorten sales cycles, attract leads and determining what your market is really looking for is top of the agenda.

Customised Solutions

There’s a tendency to work backwards when designing a website. Determining the technology that will be used should never be a primary consideration. You need to start from a point where you’ve answered questions such as what role will the website play in your sales process?, what information are my customers looking for?, can I utilise the website to save time with administrative tasks?

By answering these fundamental questions enables you to make decisions that will ensure your website will be a useful tool not only for your customers, but also in the day to day operations of your business.


What are the outcomes you want to achieve? If it’s to increase sales, what information is required? What is the process people go though to finalise a sale with you?

How does your website need to fit in to your sales process and daily operations, how can it help you in these areas?

Do you know why people visit your website? It could be as simple as finding information, placing an order or just make an enquiry.


Learning from the past: If you have an existing website that you are wanting to redesign there is much that you can learn from your existing website. In most cases there are basic statistics available such as website traffic and seeing how users navigate the website. On top of this we like to interview your target audience (where possible) to understand why they use the website and what sort of content they’d like to be able to access. There’s no point in guessing what they want. Through a balanced strategy

Content Writing:
This is often the most difficult task of producing a website. If you don’t have enough time or simply don’t know where to start we will work with you in developing content either from scratch, or building on what you already have. We understand that every website must conform to a marketing objective. 

Website Structuring:
Before any design work is even considered we will work with you to determine how the site will need to function. The structure will be presented as a visual diagram so you’ll be able to clearly see how the website will work and where particular sections of content and functionality will be placed.

Information Layout & Focus:
One of the most important considerations of marketing on the web is determining link names. A link is a gateway to further information, however often it’s the biggest obstacle keeping audiences away from valuable content that could lead to an enquiry or sale.

Google Adwords

We partner with a reputable Adwords consultancy. Google makes changes to its systems almost once a day. Our Adwords partner is constantly learning about these changes and assists our clients to refine their adwords strategy for greater results. One of our clients recently requested that their Google ad be ‘turned off’ because they simply couldn’t handle the number of orders they were receiving. If you’d like to have this problem, get in touch.

Technical Capabilities

  • Database design, customisation and integration
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • CRM integration (i.e. integration with Saleforce or equivalent Customer Relationship Management software)
  • e-commerce (secure payment systems)

Visual Design

It's important to design a website that functions in a way that is similar to the way you do business face-to-face. It’s important to to try and replicate this as closely as possible to ensure your brand is not weakened in any way.  For instance, if your reputation is built on speedy delivery, then having a lot of animation or graphics on your website that increases download times isn’t going to reinforce that point of difference.

Likewise, the navigation and structure of your website needs to be carefully considered before any graphics work is carried out. The average user will leave a website within seconds if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Do you know what your market is looking for?

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The Next Step:

Request a proposal or call Hamish directly
for further information on
+61 07 3312 5588